HubSpot SAP Integration

HubSpot Discover the power of a unified business ecosystem between SAP and HubSpot with a HubSpot-SAP integration. As the leading provider of synchronization services between SAP on premises products and HubSpot, ERP Bridge is able to connect your SAP marketing, sales, and customer data with HubSpot CRM, in order to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer-centricity. Integration


Augmented Data Transparency and Precision

HubSpot-SAP integration enables real-time data synchronization between your marketing, sales, customer service efforts and SAP's comprehensive ERP system. Bid farewell to manual data transfers and human errors, as your teams can now access accurate, up-to-date information from a single, centralized platform. Say goodbye to data silos and harness the power of integrated data for better decision-making, optimized marketing campaigns, and improved customer experiences.


Streamlined Sales Procedures

With HubSpot-SAP integration, your sales team can seamlessly convert leads from HubSpot into SAP's sales orders, streamlining the entire sales process. Monitor offers, track orders and manage other customer information, all within SAP, while enjoying the ease and user-friendly interface of HubSpot. Boost your sales team's productivity and responsiveness, driving faster deal closures and fostering long-term customer loyalty.


Leverage Customer Engagements

Nurture meaningful relationships with your customers using HubSpot-SAP integration. Armed with comprehensive customer data from SAP, your marketing team can craft highly targeted and personalized campaigns in HubSpot, ensuring relevant and timely interactions with prospects and customers alike. Tailor your content, offers, and promotions to resonate with individual preferences, fostering engagement, and driving conversions.


Improve your Marketing ROI

Maximize your marketing ROI by leveraging the power of data-driven insights. With HubSpot-SAP integration, you can measure the true impact of your marketing efforts on actual sales and revenue generated in SAP. Identify high-performing marketing strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and refine your campaigns for optimal results. Achieve a higher level of marketing success by aligning your efforts with actual business outcomes.

HubSpot-SAP Integration Steps